School Representatives

Updated each school year as per the information submitted by School Representatives, to Provincial ATA, via the Local Secretary.

Roles and Responsibilities of the School Representatives:

1. Attend every local council and general meeting.

2. Represent staff in determining local policy and establishing local programs.

3. Serves as a two-way communication facilitator between staff and the local and the provincial organization.

4. Provides information to members as to services available; channels requests for these services to the proper local of provincial association officials.

5. Distributes ATA publications to teachers, including substitutes, teachers on leave, and retired teachers.

6. Serves as a contact person, either for the local of the provincial association,, in the arrangement of meetings.

7. Welcomes teachers new to the profession and/or to the staff. Helps them with procedures and to access sources of assistance as required.

8. Verifies school Provincial Election Council election voters’ list and distributes Provincial Executive Council election ballots.

9. Reports regularly at staff meetings.

Park Plains East Local No 31

School Representatives
Amisk School Rhonda D Mark
Autumn Leaf Colony School Rhonda D Mark
Blessed Sacrament Outreach School Rick Roberts
Blessed Sacrament School Vacant  null
Christ-King Catholic School Kyra X Harrison
Clandonald School Vacant
Creighton Colony School Rhonda D Mark
Delnorte School Vacant
Dewberry School Melanie D Stevenson
Dr Folkins Community School Allison E Nyberg
E H Walter School Vacant  null
Edgerton Public School Amy R Chapman
Highland View Colony School Vacant  null
Holt Colony School Rhonda D Mark
Home Schooling Program Vacant
Hughenden Public School Lara L Ledger
Irma School David A McKillop
J R Robson School Jesse B Atkinson
Kitscoty Elementary School Lisa A Wahlberg
Kitscoty Junior Senior High School Kari L Walsh
Lethbridge Writing Centre Vacant  null
Mannville School Darryl D Maron
Marwayne Jubilee School Vacant  null
Newman Theological College Vacant  null
Percy Lake Colony School Rhonda D Mark
Provost Public School Vacant
Ribstone Colony School Rhonda D Mark
Rosewood Colony School Rhonda D Mark
School of Hope Laryssa D Speck
South Ferriby Colony School Rhonda D Mark
St David's United Church Vacant  null
St Jerome's School Anna G Svenungard
St Thomas Aquinas School Brent I Appel
Students On Line Brent E Pitts
Theresetta Roman Catholic Separate School Roger A Fetaz
Vermilion Elementary School Colin R Beecroft
Vermilion Outreach School Carrie J Poissant
Wainwright Elementary School Karen L Scherbinski
Wainwright High School Chris Demeule