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  1. ParkPlainsEast ATA31 RT @fastcrayon: Classroom expectations: 1. Have a vision. (Hope and dream!) 2. Be a learner, not a finisher. (Growth over grades) 3. Lean…
  2. ParkPlainsEast ATA31 @schill_dawg It looks like the kid who doesn’t have a decent winter coat or boot for winter....ever
  3. ParkPlainsEast ATA31 RT @RachelNotley: Well... I did it and here’s the video to prove it. You can see @SibbaldDavid in the background too. @calgarystampede
  4. ParkPlainsEast ATA31 RT @laniegirl17: Trustees from all across Canada have come together at @cdnsba. These are the trustees attending from all over Alberta. @BT
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