New Teacher to Park Plains East? Welcome!

Park Plains East Local No. 31 of the Alberta Teachers' Association is made up of both elected members, and volunteer positions who uphold the standards and professional practices of the Association. The Local reports and informs the Park Plains East membership via this website, through local meetings in Wainwright at Blessed Sacrament School, and through our newsletter. If you are a brand new teacher this year, we are in the last year of our collective agreement, so our Local will serve as the bargaining group for both Buffalo Trail Regional Division and East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Regional Division teachers. There are professional development opportunities and events for our members throughout the school year, so be sure to check this site for the most current news from around our local. 

Due to our size, we do not have a Local office, but our executive members meet and communicate to each other promptly if you have a question or need advice. First Year teachers have a lot of learning to do in their year and asking for help is not usually their prerogative. Contact us or Teacher Welfare at the ATA if you have a concern. Park Plains East Local has an email which is checked each night, so if you need more detailed information, one of our executive will get back to you the next day. If corresponding via e-mail, please ensure that a contact telephone number is included if your query is of a high confidentially. Issues that are confidential will not be answered via e-mail; therefore, one of the executive members will contact you by telephone using the number you provide. Remember, school computers are not private; members should use personal technology and e-mail when corresponding with the Local.


Where can I access the Collective Agreement and Salary Grid for my board?

The current Collective Agreement and Salary Grid for Buffalo Trail and East Central Catholic are posted
on the ATA's website, under Collective Agreements on their homepage, and we have a link on our
homepage as well.

Where can I access the Code of Professional Conduct?

As you are aware, all Alberta teachers are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct. You can access a page with the Code of Professional Conduct here

Where do I find information regarding my benefit plan or health spending account?

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is our benefit provider. If you are unaware of the coverage you have, you can login to the ASEBP website to access your coverage.

The Health spending account is very handy to cover incidental medical expenses that your current coverage plan does not. For a full list of what qualifies as claimable expenses, visit the ASEBP
website, or give them a call at: 1-877-431-4786 or email them at

What is the ATA Library?

As a student you may have heard of the ATA Library and Research Service, and if you haven't requested materials before, you should take advantage of this amazing resource for teachers. The ATA Library is  located in Edmonton and will mail out resources that you "check out" to your "cart". It is similar to
online shopping, but easier, cheaper and usually faster than online shopping sites. Give it a try and
spread the news to your other teacher friends. 

The Research Service can help you find Professional Development information, and help research
Professional Development opportunities for you. Call, or email them to get started.  

Teacher Welfare can assist you with these issues or other situations:

What are the steps involved around disputes with parents? Colleagues?
Who can I talk to when I begin to feel overwhelmed?
What should I do if:
a student asks to be added to my Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter?
a student asks to be tutored?
a parent wants to talk to me after class?
our class has allergies and parents refuse to comply?
I've been asked to "do more around the school"?
I need to book a personal day?

If you need to speak with us or ATA Teacher Welfare, c
ontact us, or visit the ATA Teacher Welfare